Our Mission

To foster an understanding of remote sensing science. Emphasis is placed on developing a meaningful dialogue among geographers interested in understanding and applying remote sensing technology in research, instruction, public service, and private enterprise.
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Professional Awards

Award Announcements
2014 Early Career Award: Download Announcement
2014 Outstanding Contributions Award: Download Announcement
Outstanding Contributions Award
2013 - Dr. Dar A. Roberts (U. C. – Santa Barbara)
Past Winners
Early Career Award
2013 Winner - Dr. Harini Sridharan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Past Winners
Lifetime Achievement Award
2013 - Professor John R. Jensen, Emeritus (University of South Carolina)

Student Awards

2014 Student Honors Paper Competition
Call For Papers
Advisors Form
2014 Student Illustrated Paper Competition
Call For Papers
Advisors Form
2013 Honors Paper
1st Place: Niti Mishra, University of Texas - Austin, "Relating Spatial Patterns of Fractional Land Cover to Savanna Vegetation Morphology using Multi-scale Remote Sensing in the Central Kalahari”
2nd Place: Wenkai Li, University of California-Merced, "A New Accuracy Assessment Method for One-Class Classification of Remote Sensing Data"
3rd Place: Chunyuan Diao, University at Buffalo, "Development of an Invasive Species Distribution Model with Fine-Resolution Remote Sensing"
2013 Illustrated Paper
1st Place: Thomas O'Connell, Salem State University, "No More Hidden Secrets: Human Rights Violations and Remote Sensing"
2nd Place: Laura Hansen, Clark University, "Comparison of metrics to measure land change model performance across various REDD projects"
3rd Place: Xianonan Tai, University at Buffalo, "Validating habitat suitability model with remote sensing-derived species fractions: Using Invasive Tamarisk as an example"
Past Award Winners