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To foster an understanding of remote sensing science. Emphasis is placed on developing a meaningful dialogue among geographers interested in understanding and applying remote sensing technology in research, instruction, public service, and private enterprise.

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Welcome to the Remote Sensing Specialty Group!

The Remote Sensing Specialty Group (RSSG) is a sub-group of scholars within the Association of American Geographers (AAG). There are many specialty groups to choose from - why should the RSSG be one of yours? My top-seven list:

  1. Importance: The RSSG advances the understanding of the geospatial, social, earth system, and environmental sciences.
  2. A Long History (since 1978): An organization established 40 years ago, firmly established and fiscally strong, with a history that reflects the excitement, relevance and dynamic evolution of this technological field.
  3. Scholarships and Awards: We strongly support students and professionals with an astonishing variety of awards and scholarships (i.e., Student Illustrated Paper Award, Student Honors Paper Award, Early Career Award, Outstanding Contributions Award).
  4. Great Colleagues: The RSSG is a diverse, international blend of professionals from academia, industry and government as well as students.
  5. Professional Diversity: The RSSG gathers together experts across the spectrum of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS professions, from sensor design and development, data processing and analysis, algorithm development, prediction, simulation, monitoring and management, to education. Whatever you need to do or know, there's a colleague for that!
  6. Meetings: The RSSG newly established John Jensen's Distinguished Lecture Series. In addition, you can expect fascinating talks, lively business meetings, memorable venues, cherished colleagues, compelling professional opportunities, and stimulating social events.
  7. Memberships: The RSSG currently has the third highest number of members (680) among all the specialty groups. To date, there are more than 60 specialty groups in the AAG.

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Hua Liu (Chair, Remote Sensing Specialty Group - AAG)
Old Dominion University

John Connors

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