2022 Honors-Students

2022 RSSG Student Honors Paper Competition

Sponsored by: Remote Sensing Specialty Group (RSSG)

Call for Applications/Nominations

The Remote Sensing Specialty Group (RSSG) of the American Association of Geographers is pleased to announce the 2022 RSSG Students Honors Paper Competition. Students from all academic levels are invited to submit original research papers on all topics that advance the field of remote sensing. Students selected as finalists will be placed in a special paper session at the AAG Annual Meeting to be held February 25-March 1, 2022, New York City, NY.

Paper Information

We encourage papers on innovative remote sensing methods, concepts, theories as well as applications. Research must have been completed within the past academic year as part of the applicant’s undergraduate or graduate studies and can include thesis/dissertation topics. The applicant must be a student when presenting the paper at the 2022 AAG Meeting. While papers may include co-authors, the applicant must be primarily responsible for the research presented.

Important Dates

November 29, 2021: deadline for submitting an extended abstract (different from the regular AAG abstract).

January 24, 2022: deadline for submitting the full paper.

Extended Abstract Guidelines

The extended abstract will be used to determine up to 10 competition finalists. Please follow the guidelines below when preparing extended abstracts:

  • Title, author(s) names, and contact information of the author(s)
  • 400-800 words in length
  • Summarize the primary objective, methodology, results, and conclusions of the study
  • Include references and citations. Words used in the reference list do not count toward the word count for the extended abstract
  • May include an additional page of 1-2 figures, if necessary
  • Submit abstract as a PDF format document

Paper Guidelines and Structures

Selected finalists will be required to submit one digital copy of their completed papers in Microsoft Word format, which must be prepared in accordance with the format of the PE&RS Journal. Manuscript guidelines for PE&RS can be found on the ASPRS website at https://www.asprs.org/asprs-publications/pers/pers-instructions-for-authors-submitting-a-manuscript-for-peer-review. The length of the papers MUST NOT EXCEED 27 pages including tables and figures. There will be strict enforcement of the page limit and formatting requirements of the papers (i.e. double spaced text, 1″ margins and 11/12-point font). The deadline for submitting the full paper is January 24, 2022.


Extended abstracts and written papers will be evaluated by the RSSG judge committee on contribution to the field of remote sensing, originality, novelty, research design, organization, and the overall quality of the paper. The oral presentation will be evaluated on professional delivery, organization, clarity, visual aids, and overall presentation quality. Evaluation will take into account the academic level of the applicants.


First, second, and third place awards will be determined following the competition sessions. The prizes are:

  • First place: $500
  • Second place: $250
  • Third place: $100

An undergraduate award may also be made to an outstanding undergraduate researcher. The first place award will be presented at the AAG Annual Awards Luncheon and the luncheon fee will be covered for the first place winner. The committee reserves the right to not offer such prizes if the papers are not of appropriate quality.


Students who are interested should electronically submit the following materials to the RSSG Student Co-Director, Ying Lu, at ylu26@buffalo.edu and use “2022 RSSG Student Honors Paper Competition” as the subject title:

  • A copy of the email receipt received from the AAG online abstract submission process (which includes the PIN, due November 29, 2021)
  • Extended abstract (due November 29, 2021)
  • Complete the advisor’s form https://forms.office.com/r/MmxGbugSVM (due November 29, 2021)
  • Full finished paper (due January 24, 2022)


If you have any questions about this competition, please send an email to the RSSG Student Co-Director, Ying Lu, at ylu26@buffalo.edu, and use “2022 RSSG Student Honors Paper Competition” as the subject title.